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A range of possible state and federal funding sources may be available to help you pay for respite. This chart was developed by the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center, and includes possible public funding sources to help family caregivers pay for respite, or in some cases, to support or develop respite programs and services. Massachusetts funds respite services with both state or federal funds, either alone or in partnership with private organizations. Such programs are generally designed to serve one or more specific populations, such as the aging; infants and toddlers; adults or children with physical or developmental disabilities; children with special health care needs; children or adults with mental heath conditions; kinship care providers; children in state custody or foster parents.

Funding for these programs is generally limited and may depend on annual appropriations. Programs may be de-funded or eliminated altogether in times of fiscal crisis. The information obtained for this compilation was gathered from the internet, from phone interviews or email communication, and has been verified to the extent possible. If you find the information to be incorrect or incomplete, please alert Jill Kagan.